Below are calendars for each of the VenusFit Programs!

  • TRIFECTA 1 & 2

Each month a NEW PHASE will be released for those in the VENUSFIT MEMBERSHIP. You can find the latest PHASE INFO HERE!

Is "Flow" or bodyweight exercising new to you? The Easy Start Program is a 4-Week Program with 15-minute workouts where we'll focus on the basics. If you've been injured or you're getting back to working out, this program will help give you the confidence & help you practice CONSISTENT MOVEMENT!

The Beginner Program is a 6-WEEK Program that will teach you 6 FOUNDATIONS to learn FLOW! You will practice more Drills and Combos and become more advanced in your movement practice.

The TRIFECTA STRENGTH PROGRAM Part 1 is 4-Week Program made up of 3-Parts.

1) Body... movements that matter & truly get you connected to your body.

2) Mind... awareness of your current state & honesty to your authentic self.

3) Flow... the combo of connecting body & mind to take action from the center of self.

Trifecta Strength PART 2 is a PROGRESSION BASED workout program. You will be keeping track of the reps/rounds that you are doing. It is not completely follow-along - there are guides to help keep you on track and a PDF journal where you track your progress. This is a program for you to truly begin to MASTER your movement and stay accountable to yourself.


BREATHWORK, JOURNALING, WARMUPS, COOL DOWNS - same videos for each workout

SKILL STRENGTH - different moves and skills each workout with modification instruction
ENDURANCE STRENGTH - different moves every workout with modification instruction
FLOW STRENGTH different flows each workout with modification instruction

EVERY Workout you will feel different and notice something about how your body is progressing.


VenusFit Strength + Flow Online Program - A FULL, Follow-Along, 12-WEEK PROGRAM

Level: Beginner - Intermediate - Advanced

All 18 Step-by-step follow-along videos... Just push PLAY!

30-40 minutes EACH Workout!

EVERY workout consists of:

  • Breathwork/Warm-up
  • Mobility 
  • Drilling Exercises 
  • Flow 
  • Cooldown/Breathwork